E-books and Social Networks

In my Advanced Essay course we’ve been interviewing guest visitors from throughout the writing and publishing industry: an editor poet, a well seasoned agent, and many gifted authors. One area of inquiry keeps surfacing. What do you think of e-publishing? Is a presence on the Internet necessary these days, to be recognized amongst the hordes of newbie writers seeking publication?

The consensus, at least from this small sample, is that e-pub is the future and yes, an online presence and social networking are nearly essential. This is good news for a hermit who owns a Kindle, is a Mac geek and lives where the termites have been known to clandestinely partake of her collection of favorite writing books. There is a dark side to this good news, however.

This trend also poses grave questions regarding interactions between humans and written language in the physical world, and the powerful impact of books on our imaginations. It begs the question of what this might mean for humanity’s future. I’ll be writing about this in future posts. Right now, I’m off to read New York Times online.

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