Restarting, recharging and blundering onward

Greetings. With the change of the calendar to a new year, Nifspeak resumes. I hope to be more faithful to the spirit of blogging, and post on a regular basis in 2012. Like most of the aging folks I know, I wonder where the time has gone, and how it is I find myself writing these numerals.

It was only a blink ago that I ventured into Belfast for the By the Bay New Years celebration fof the new millennium’s arrival. My mother was, at the time, a week away from death. My good friend (sister, really) Halina and I had ventured forth seeking a guilty moment of respite from her care. I remember finding it difficult to focus on the joy of the occasion, that the scene was surreal.

How can so much life, and death, be happening concurrently, I wondered. But it does, and many more juxtaposed events have come and gone since then. It is human life, all beginnings and endings punctuated with a few rebirths, if we are lucky enough to still be present and engaged.

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